Rjd Gallery

The inspirations for all of Sherry Wolf’s creations start with her unique artistic visions. “ABC” New York Nightly News describes her as a “visionary genius”. She works within the difficult field of contemporary American realist painting, earning a devoted following and critical acclaim. Her paintings can be found in the most prestigious collections and her “Artist in the Studio” painting is in the permanent collection at the Albright-Knox Museum. Famed art collector and dealer, Alan Stone, was first to snap up Wolf’s work for his Manhattan gallery hanging next to greats such as Richard Estes and Wayne Thiebaud. Wolf’s artwork even commands a wall at the White House.

Hollywood Producer, Jerry Weintraub threw a star-studded event/tribute for Sherry Wolf in Palm Springs earlier this year, to honor her new series of paintings as well as her unbelievable bravery. After four years of grieving the untimely loss of her beautiful twenty-two year old daughter, Sherry finally returned to creating her phenomenal paintings with the devoted persistence and encouragement of Jerry Weintraub. Jerry and his associates have been collecting her artwork for decades. There were only a handful of galleries they even considered and were delighted to be accepted into one of their top choices; the RJD Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York was equally thrilled to be handling the new artwork of Sherry Wolf. Besides showing and selling art, the RJD Gallery is also known for their vast philanthropic work.

Not only does Sherry have the ability to paint edgy sharp focus realism (her realistic images are nothing short of amazing), she bobs and weaves through art styles like a prizefighter. To label her as an artist from a particular movement is impossible because of her uncanny ability to switch directions without destroying her identifiable look. She remarkably moves in and out of painting styles often weaving them together like a fine tapestry. Wolf’s work portrays the contemporary vernacular with acute specificity and detail; it resonates with social and historical particularity that only comes from a careful study of the environment. Her work is the result of tireless observation and uncompromising execution. Her first love is and always will be, painting on canvas and her recent works reflect her particular interest in mid-century modernism. The signature of these works lies in its formal presence, intensity of subject matter and use of color.

As a budding artist in New York, Sherry was considered a bicoastal darling of the art world dividing her time between the Studio 54 nightclub scene in New York City and Hollywood where she ran with a crowd of creative industry elites. Her realistic and nearly life sized self-portrait form 1974 titled “Label Lady” demands a double take and can be easily mistaken for a photograph. Her style varies depending on the particular body of work. Her New York works were conceptual and based on social commentary.

She longs for her daughter, Chelsea, who graduated with high honors at the University of Michigan. Her daughter Jenna is her rock and an inspiration for Sherry to move on to create future series of paintings.

She currently lives and works in Maryland with her husband Dr. Alan Geringer, a urologist and a photographer and her cats Sophia and Isabella.