" The New York Times "

Notes on People; Unable to Find a Model, Artist Turns to Herself

By Laurie Johnston and Albin Krebs

The fact that the Museum of the City of New York has bought one of her works for its permanent collection would be satisfying enough to Sherry Wolf, but what pleases her even more is that the woman depicted in her “The Label Lady” is herself.

Ms. Wolf, who calls herself a @ “superrealist” - her paintings have a photograph-like realism - has had her work in Time, Newsweek, and other magazines, and the White House, under Richard M. Nixon, commissioned her to do six paintings of Tricia Nixon- Edward Cox wedding some years ago.

She has exhibited in several galleries.

“The Label Lady,” which is part of a four-painting suite called “New York Women,” depicts a blonde sophisticate dressed head to toe in designer labels. Ms. Wolf said the other day that she hadn’t intended to be her own model. “ A friend of mine was supposed to pose for me and backed out at the last minute,” she said. “Her husband, who’s a politician, didn’t think it was the right image for her-or him. So I really didn't have much of a choice. Now my friend is killing herself because she missed her big chance to be in a museum.