We interviewed Sherry :

Favorite memories:
"My Studio 54 days …… Great times! New York was fun back then."

What is your next project:
"The mock reality show called, “About Sherry Wolf “, is currently in post production. It is a satire on reality shows, the fashion world, the art world, the entertainment business, celebrities, current news, trends……Everything and Anything!...... Including myself!!!"

Favorite Activity:
"Watching football, of course."

Who inspired you the most?
"There were two people. First, my friend, Leo Castelli. When I was new to the New York Art Scene, his guidance and support was invaluable. Secondly, Hollywood Producer Jerry Weintraub, who persuaded me to paint again after the death of my precious 22 year old daughter, Chelsea. Jerry was beyond amazing to me."

Of all your art pieces, which one has gotten the most reaction from people?
"The “Artist in the Studio”. People cannot believe how real and photographic it looks. They find it amazing that I have the discipline and patience to paint that way."

What inspires your art?
"Watching people take themselves too seriously. This inspires me to paint and film the absurdities in life."

What was your first job?
"Working for David Brinkley at NBC Nightly News, Washington D.C. Bureau. He was a fascinating and brilliant man with a great sense of humor. It was an honor to work closely with him."

Favorite actors:
"So many talented people in Hollywood……. Leo, Jack, George, Brad…"

Favorite restaurant:
"Nobu, but sometimes I’m just in the mood for a Big Mac."

Likes the least:
"Exercising…… but I to do it anyway. I work out three times a week with a personal trainer"

Favorite TV shows:
"All the News Channels, “Beyond the Wormhole” on the Science Channel, and my all time favorite show was, of course, “Breaking Bad.” "

Favorite Store:
"Who has time to shop? I buy online."

Personal Idol:
"My dad. He was perfect. He was kind to everyone. He had a great sense of humor. He was extremely modest and had the patience of a saint."

What are you embarrassed about?
"I can’t cook."

Who would you like to see carrying your handbags:
"Everyone! Ummmm maybe Ana Wintour."

What are you most proud of?
Outside of my family, I am proud of my paintings.

Dogs or Cats?
Love them both.

Artistic, Innovative, and Creative

Working within the difficult field of Imaginative Pop Realism, Sherry Wolf has earned a devoted following and critical acclaim for her bold paintings, films and fashion designs. Her figure paintings display compelling frankness. Her matchless perspective on today’s contemporary consumer culture is rendered with a mind alluring hyper realistic technique, often woven with threads from an earlier generation of Pop Art with reference to popular culture in today’s society generating her universally recognizable style.

“ABC” New York Nightly News described Wolf as a “visionary genius.” Her paintings can be found in the most prestigious collections and her well-known “Artist in the Studio” painting is in the permanent collection at the renowned Albright-Knox Museum. Seymour Knox, founder of the Albright-Knox Museum, said, "Sherry Wolf’s work conveys a grandeur that inspires prolonged contemplation, not only for her masterful technique but equally for her exciting and inspiring visions that draws crowds around her oversized canvases".

Wolf's career has resulted in an eclectic body of work that never adhered to prevailing trends and has followed its own logic. Wolf rejected the traditional realist movement of the 70's and reinvented her own terms. She has remarkably moved in and out of painting styles often weaving them together like a fine tapestry. Art critic, Robert Hughes said "Wolf's work depicts the contemporary vernacular with acute specificity and detail; it resonates with a social and historical particularity that only comes from a careful study of the environment". Her work is the result of tireless observation and uncompromising execution.

New York Art Dealer, Leo Castelli, known for his extraordinary skill in nurturing and promoting new artists, was a great friend of Wolf’s and first to give her guidance and support. Famed art collector and dealer, Alan Stone, snapped up Wolf’s work for his Manhattan gallery hanging alongside other prestigious greats such as Richard Estes and Wayne Thiebaud.

Educated in art history with a Magna Cum Laude degree from the University of Maryland, Wolf went on to establish the Adult Art Program at Georgetown University. She was commissioned by the White House to create a series of paintings, headed the art and design department at NBC Washington bureau working closely with David Brinkley and was commissioned by National Geographic Magazine.

As a budding artist in New York, Sherry was considered a bicoastal darling of the art and fashion world dividing her time between the Studio 54 nightclub scene in New York City and Hollywood where she ran with a crowd of creative industry elites. Sherry’s multi-faceted talents also led her into the fashion world creating an exceptional handbag and jewelry collection. Her high-end handbags quickly took off and were sold to New York’s chic Henri Bendel’s, Neiman’s, Bergdorf, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, as well as countless boutiques across the country. According to Shelia Aimette, fashion director for Bloomingdales, "We are always trying to get the most innovative and freshest young designers. Our customer is very forward and is always looking for the next thing, and Sherry Wolf represents that". The handbags were a favorite of young Hollywood and highly sought after by celebrities, who were often photographed carrying her identifiable bags at Hollywood red carpet events.

She had a critically acclaimed 18 karat gold jewelry collection that was launched at Neiman Marcus and later designed silver jewelry for her own shows on QVC and Home Shopping Network. Wolf debuted her Men's Neckwear collection drawing inspiration from classical themes in painting, architecture and mosaics to create immensely wearable ties. President Bill Clinton wore her famous neckwear.

Iconic Hollywood movie producer, Jerry Weintraub (Oceans 11,12,13) threw a star-studded event as a tribute for Sherry Wolf in Palm Springs in 2015 to honor her new series of paintings as well as her unbelievable bravery. After four years of grieving the untimely loss of her beautiful twenty-two year old daughter, Sherry finally returned to creating her phenomenal paintings with the relentless and devoted persistence of Jerry Weintraub. Jerry and his associates have been collecting her artwork for decades. Her series of paintings were seen on the Barbara Walters Special with Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon when interviewed at Jerry Weintraub’s home for the Oceans 11 film.

After the Jerry Weintraub event, Sherry exhibited her paintings at the Imago Gallery in Palm Desert, California, ArtHampton Art Fair in Bridgehampton, New York, the RJD Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, and Art Southampton Art Fair in Southampton, New York.

Wolf attracted attention from newspaper columnists to talk show hosts. Charmed by her wit and fluency television programs such as NBC's "Today" show, "CNN", and "ABC Nightly News" have recognized her appeal. People magazine photographed and reported on Sherry at length describing her as "one of the cleverest artist and designers to come onto the scene in a long time." The New York Times, GQ, The Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning News, and a host of others have expressed similar thoughts on this most prolific individual. Sherry is flattered by all of the attention from celebrities and the media but this modest artist and designer always remains down to earth.

Sherry Wolf lived and worked in the heart of Manhattan for many years. She currently lives in Maryland with her husband, Dr. Alan Geringer, a urologist, and her daughter Jenna Propper, a mortgage banker.